About Cortney

Driven by both personal and professional experiences, I have devoted my life and work to people’s stories and struggles for many years.  I strongly believe we all need outlets in which to share, reflect and work through those stories and struggles — to feel heard and understood.    I have done this as a therapist working alongside a broad range of clients living through distressing situations, events, transitions or crises.

I am a Masters level trained psychotherapist/counsellor, who studied at the University of Toronto in the Counselling Psychology program.  Overall, I have 10 years of varied post-secondary experience, with several years spent researching the interactions between human emotions, thoughts and behaviours, particularly in times of distress.  I am a member of the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO) and the Ontario Association of Mental Health Professionals (OAMHP).  I am also trained to offer clinical supervision to other therapists.  I believe that healing, change and growth is about more than symptom relief or management, but is about also addressing the root cause of our distress.

In addition to my counselling work, I am a licensed Officiant who helps couples and families navigate their way through various life transitions such as marriage, divorce, death and new parenthood with ritual and ceremony.  I am a meditation and mindfulness practitioner and use Mindfulness-based therapy and meditation, where appropriate, to help clients develop insight, perspective, compassion and better understanding into their patterns.  I am a mental health advocate who has worked toward more integrated mental health programs; to build bridges among various, urban, mental health agencies.  I am an educator who has worked at the post-secondary level, helping students navigate their way through the chronic stress associated with post-secondary education and career/life transition.  

On a personal note, I have been married for 20 years.  I am a  parent of school aged children and a step parent of adult children who I have known since they were adolescents.  As such, I have long navigated the complex and often challenging world of blended and multigenerational families.  My own experiences in these areas growing up and into my adult life informs some of my work with individuals, couples and families trying to navigate their way through major life transitions.

I have always considered it an honour to walk alongside people through their journeys.  My goal is provide an environment that feels down to earth, warm, honest, straight forward, compassionate and sincere. I also try to maintain a sense of humour!

Contact me now for a free, initial consultation. Email: cortney@ontariotherapist.com.  Additional profile information on Psychology Today.

Conveniently located office:

287 Main Street West

Hamilton, ON L8P 2E6

Email is the best way to reach me at: cortney@ontariotherapist.com (remember there is no “u” in Cortney)

Free parking in the back of office.  The entrance is in the front. The waiting area is through the front door and to your right.