Online Counseling

I understand that face to face counseling is not for everyone.  People are busy, they may not be able to leave their homes, or they may be in a community with few in-person options nearby.  Furthermore, research shows that clients rate online counseling as being as effective as in-person counseling. This is why I offer, courtesy of VSee, which has end to end encryption for client’s protection and privacy, online counseling and psychotherapy.  I also offer counseling by phone and email.  Please see my Forms and FAQ section for questions related to privacy and confidentiality.  Please see my consent form specifically related to online and telephone counseling in the Forms section.  There are risks to online counseling and it is important clients are aware of the risks.

Here are some of the guidelines as outlined by the CRPO which is the regulating body for Registered Psychotherapists. 

The same rates and rules apply as in-person. Payment is accepted via credit card or in advance of the session via interac e-transfer and visa. Please note this is not a substitute for immediate crisis counseling. Please also note, I will often work to help you expand your circle of support, particularly if you are living in a remote community.


Is online counseling a good fit for you?  Sometimes you have to try it to find out but here are a few articles with information to consider:

Email is the best way to reach me at: (remember there is no “u” in Cortney)