Unhappy in Love this Holiday Season?

While the holiday season usually calls on us to present “happy faces”, this becomes all the more difficult when we are unhappy in our romantic relationships and have to ‘fake’ our way through it.  For some, the idea of upsetting their partners (and by extension their families) during the holidays is unbearable; unbearable enough to keep them staying in the relationship even if miserable.  If this is you, new findings suggest you are not alone. In fact, the studies found, “the more dependent people believed their partner was on the relationship, the less likely they were to initiate a breakup“. 

Are you having trouble deciding whether to stay or leave a romantic partner?  Are you afraid of hurting them but feeling hurt, disconnected, resentful or miserable in your relationship — which will undoubtedly be harming the relationship further?  Are you unable to ask for changes or make the ones required to be content in the relationship?  If you want to work through relationship indecision, get in touch on my contact page. I am here to help.

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