Compassion for the Narcissist

We hear the word “narcissist” thrown around a lot these days with the changes in American political leadership.  However, narcissism, however damaging, particularly to those around it, is often misunderstood.  Narcissistic traits are not the product of a healthy sense of self, but exactly the opposite.  This article / blog helps shed some light on narcissistic males (the traits seem to show up more in young males than females); helping us to empathize not only with those dealing with narcissists (or those exhibiting many narcissistic behaviours) in the their lives, but with the narcissists themselves who are often suffering, who are unaware of their behaviours and the impacts, inclined to blame others, and unlikely to get the help they need from a psychotherapist or counsellor.

Want help coping with someone in your life demonstrating narcissistic qualities?  Worried you are exhibiting them or have narcissistic personality disorder yourself?  Send me a note.  I’m here to talk.


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