Non-Monogamy and Guilt

Many couples and individuals seek counseling to deal with affairs or past affairs that have impacted their marriage or otherwise conventional, ‘monogamous‘ relationships. The shame and stigma associated with secretly finding intimacy outside of a marriage or formal relationship is profound and those having affairs are often deemed the victimizers, leaving little room for nuance. Increasingly however, more people are ‘coming out’ as wanting non-monogamous relationships without the guilt and shame. We might hear about polyamory, open marriages and so on. These labels however have their own stigma attached, making it difficult for individuals or couples to find the support they need — from friends, family or even through marriage counseling or therapy. Below is an interesting article that offers a little information around what to consider when considering open non-monogamy and getting help for some of the issues that might arise (such as jealousy) and some helpful resources.

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