Apps, Articles No Replacement for Therapy

There is no question, that barriers to mental wellness or mental health services are real and growing. These barriers, which are often financial in nature, only reinforce the stigma that already exists — one that says that mental illness is not real, or is not to be taken as seriously as other challenges — especially in the workplace, where admitting to a mental health challenge can harm future earnings and professional growth. This article presents some innovative, online tools for people dealing with mental health challenges in the workplace. However, it is important to note that while businesses might approve of these approaches for employees, it cannot replace the benefits of a therapist or counsellor — one that I suggest should be covered by all group health plans and should be increasingly available at an affordable rate for the growing number of people who work for themselves and thus, have no coverage. This means not just covering one kind of therapist, but the many, highly skilled therapists who have been trained by institutions approved by regulatory bodies. This is not currently the case and creates a two-tier system for clients. Furthermore, only psychiatrists are covered by OHIP (also reinforcing the idea that only medical doctors, many of whom have long wait lists, and do not provide counseling, instead send patients to private practitioners like myself for counseling), should be covered by socialized medicine. There is enough research to demonstrate that chronic stress, burnout, depression, and anxiety often manifests as a result of overwork, poorly managed work, job precaraity, and a lack of benefits. While I support the use of apps and articles, I also applaud the many companies who incorporate generous mental health and wellness benefit packages for all their employees. This does not only protect the employees, but ultimately the companies.

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