Pandemic Dating? How About Sharing Your Vax Status?

Throughout this pandemic, discussions around COVID safety and vaccinations have been quite polarizing — to the point of ending friendships.  The same can be said around dating relationships.  As someone who counsels and coaches many people through the world of online dating, I can tell you this topic is just as fraught, as people navigate dating safely or not so safely, while battling feelings of disconnection and isolation.

So, given how polarizing this topic can be, how likely or unlikely would you be to share your vaccination beliefs or status?  Some dating apps, as outlined in this article, are using incentives to try to get people to share their vaccination status — perhaps a way to either get people vaccinated, or at least find partners with more in common.  This will undoubtedly help those struggling with COVID safety anxiety, who have been fearful to meet potential partners in person.

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