The Pandemic and Pressing “Reset” on Online Dating

If you are like so many people trying to find love through online dating or internet dating, you are not alone.  You are also not alone if you have found that the pandemic has wreaked havoc on all those plans to find a relationship.  While many have felt a renewed motivation to find and make relationships work — indeed moving relationships along more quickly than they might have outside the pandemic, COVID 19 has produced or exacerbated in many others, others feelings and behaviours related to anxiety, depression, avoidance, grief, loneliness, hopelessness, and a lack of purpose and meaning — which can make finding and sustaining a healthy relationship more difficult.  While it’s important to notice and reflect on what has changed during this pandemic, it might be helpful to reflect on what has in fact has not changed. Here I am talking about your Attachment Style, which according to research may have a lot to do with how you approach romantic relationships and online dating in particular — and pre-dates the pandemic. Have a look at those links to see if anything resonates.

Many feel this pandemic can be used as an opportunity to “reset” ways that no longer work for us (and others).  If you are looking for ways to “reset” your dating life, I can help.  I draw from Attachment Theory to help clients develop insight into the ways they might be engaging in self sabotage — and how to change those patterns.  A reset is possible.

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