Are You Raising Resilient and Confident Children?

Resiliency is one of the great gifts we can develop in life — it can help to build confidence around problem solving and can be learned at different life stages.  Resiliency involves our thoughts, behaviours and actions and having it can help us bounce back or better deal with adversity or traumatic events which can lead to anxiety, depression and feelings associated with chronic stress.   There are different ways to build resiliency in your life – from reflecting on and challenging your thinking, to developing insight, to expanding your circle of support.  Learning to become more resilient — with life’s inevitable stressors — often begins in childhood, at home.  However, parents often need some help building resilient children (as if there is not enough to learn about parenting!).  This parenting podcast touches on just some of the ways parents might impact a child’s resiliency and confidence.

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