Mindfulness to Sophrology

Trying to relax with longer sessions of mindfulness meditation can be tough for those feeling constant agitation – particularly those living with anxiety or depression.  This article discusses the growth of sophrology in Europe, which combines mind-body exercises similar to mindfulness and is designed to help in part, with stress reduction. While some use it as an alternative to Mindfulness, it  can also help a potential meditation practioner become relaxed enough to do longer meditations.  The article calls it a “westernised amalgamation of yoga, Tibetan Buddhism, Japanese Zen, hypnosis, psychology and neurology” versus Mindfulness which comes from Buddhism.   I don’t want to suggest replacing mindfulness with sophrology, I see them both as potential life changers in terms of improving overall mental and physical health.  The bigger the toolkit, the better! While I am not an expert in sophrology, I am familiar with and use some of the tools in my practice.  If you would like to book a session to help reduce tension and stress and improve overall wellbeing, please contact me through my contact page.


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