Precarious Work and Anxiety – You’re Not Alone

Contrary to some of the popular discourse that paint millennials as lazy, my experience with counselling and coaching millennials around work and careers, is that many many of them want to work; they want good jobs that pay a fair wage; they also want to feel valued and that their job is valuable.  However, many of them feel ill-equipped to deal with the precariousness of today’s work force which includes little or no stability (shorter term gigs without benefits), last minute calls for shift work, cancelling of shifts without much warning.  Who can realistically look forward with hope and optimism in such conditions — particularly when wages have not kept up with the cost of living?  While some precarity is normal at the beginning of a career, this precarity appears to be longer term (and parental pressure isn’t helping).    This is causing anxious, depressive and stress-based symptoms that affect their quality of life both in and outside of work — which IS something that millennials have reported they value.  There is more to career counseling than just aptitude tests.  Millennials, like the rest of us, need to know their concerns and fears are valid and normal.  They need coping strategies to deal with the stress.  They need skills and support to build confidence and a flexible mindset, so that they can switch gears, adapt, speak up for themselves, make scary choices, and engage in personal growth self-care without guilt and shame.  Looking for some career or life transition counseling?  Need help managing your stress?  Let’s talk. I’m here to help.


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