Is Anger and Resentment Ruling You?

We all feel anger and resentment from time to time, particularly when things don’t go the way we hope or expect them to go.  We know it is a normal emotion that can be a good motivator.

We also know however it covers up deeper hurts that we are afraid to acknowledge because these deeper emotions leave us feeling vulnerable.  The therapist in this article writes: “Most often, anger is a secondary emotion. It can take shape instantly and unconsciously in response to something or someone that evokes feelings of hurt, fear, and/or inadequacy. When most people experience these primary emotions, they feel vulnerable, and their energy and attention are focused inward. For many people, this revealing of vulnerability creates so much distress that the underlying emotions are automatically transformed into anger”.

This author rightly argues that while anger may lead us to think we are more in control of a situation, allowing ourselves to get angry is in fact giving control of your feelings to others.

This article gives some great tips that I help guide clients through in my counseling and psychotherapy practice including breath work, journaling and Mindfulness.  If you are trying to work through feelings of anger and resentment, please get in touch through my contact page. I’m here to help.



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