Healing from Trauma: “Unfocus” for just 15 minutes

Traumatic experiences affect us in different ways.  The road to healing can be long and non-linear.  When we suppress emotions and memory related to trauma, we know these memories can manifest or intrude on our lives in unhelpful, unconscious ways.  This article suggests the journey toward reconciling or integrating what can be fragmented parts of ourselves as a result of trauma, involve spending some purposely unfocused time wandering through the past, present and future and inviting in your imagination.  This “wandering” means granting yourself permission to take time for yourself — be it for a walk, silent meditation, simply staring out a window or some other activity that allows for quiet reflection.  Not always easy.  As a therapist and counsellor treating anxiety, depression, trauma, grief and more, one of my favourite activities with clients involves creative visualization of an “oasis”.  It allows clients to go to a “safe space” regardless of where they are in a day and provide a momentary respite or relief from their distress.

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